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Digimon Xros Wars Episodes

The newest season of digimon, sure you can probably find it on youtube, but if you'd like to download the episodes go here: - the links are bit torrent files, scroll down to the "in progress" section to find the Digimon Xros Wars episodes

Also, at the very top, it shows you the most recent downloads, so once you watch them all you can simply look at the top for newest updates ;)

website recommended by MizzaModder

Got another place for Xros War episodes, similar to youtube where you can view it right on the site:

website recommended by XXKitsunaXX




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:bulletblue: Links to digimon stuff - the following are links to information about digimon, dedications to the digimon fandom, and more~

:bulletyellow: DIGIMON COMMISSIONS PAGE - A list of deviants who accept commissions, gifts, point commissions, requests, trades and more!!

Taniaetc suggested you all to check out some tumblr accounts:… and to check for more, try: digimondirectory.tumblrcom

animemaster9009 Made this cool digimon dedication video on youtube:…

Manik-Needlemouse suggested a good digimon manga, Digimon Next: not sure if this will still be updated though, manga scan sites are being deactivated...

:bulletpurple: digimon info on wiki - Some articles on digimon stuff, mostly manga and such that we might not know about our digimon! Though, I'm not sure wikipedia has the most accurate articles, but still, they're here if you're interested :)… - Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01 (manga)… - Digimon Next (manga) - Digimon D-cyber (manhua/chinese manga)… - Digimon Chronicle (manga)

Non-digimon Ads

jochannon requested I post some information on this journal:… - basically it is a feature, if you'd like to have information about getting some fan art and fan fiction published :nod:


I will affiliate with any group, doesn't just have to be digimon :) however, spreading digimon love is fully approved by me! Long live the digimon fandom!!
:icondtactor: DTACTOR Lets Evolution Begins :icondigimonmultiverse: DigimonMultiverse DGMV :iconkenyako-fc: Kenyako-FC Ken x Miyako Fan club :iconryouruki-fc: RyouRuki-FC :iconleeshuichon: LeeShuichon :icondigimontamers: DigimonTamers Digimon Tamers FTW :icondigimon-tamers-fans: Digimon-Tamers-Fans Digi-Modify! :iconxros-heart: Xros-Heart We Are the Xros Heart! :icondwzx5: DWZX5 :icontentens-revenge: Tentens-Revenge Weaker you are, louder you bark! :icondaiken-club: DaiKen-Club Daisuke x Ken <3 :icontkariloversunite: tkariloversunite ♥ Takari ♥ :iconpieatoshrine: PieatoShrine :icondigitalroleplayers: DigitalRoleplayers :iconbishie-lovers: Bishie-Lovers I love bishounen! Do you?

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This group is dedicated to the anime Digimon! All seasons and movies from only that series are allowed!
-digimon, digital monsters, fan art, fan fiction, digital world
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-Submission Guidelines-


Submission Guidelines

1. All deviations are subject to admin voting before entering the gallery. This could take up to 5-7 days since there are a lot of images that appear in the inbox.

2. Deviations can be from any season: 1-6, the Tri movies, any pairings, groups of characters, fan-fiction, etc. are allowed. You may submit 2 deviations per day or up to 10-14 per week.

3. Original characters (human or digimon) are ONLY allowed IF accompanied by official characters from the series. (game, show, etc.) This means you can NOT submit just your OCs in a deviation.
** Gijinka (a human form of a non-human character- in this case a digimon) are only allowed if the humanized-digimon has features similar to the official digimon.
:police: This also includes digimon that are mixed with another digimon!! Even if they are both from the series, if they were not mixed in the series, then they count as original characters!!

4. Sketches and work-in-progress shots are allowed; however, finished works are preferred.

5. Tracing is not allowed; this includes trace overs of official images or work by other artists. Pixels *are* allowed since many artists allow others to use them with permission. Screen shots are *only* allowed if part of a wallpaper or comic-style type of image.

6. Mature deviations are only allowed when the deviant uses the mature content filter, expresses the nature of the image in the deviation, the characters in the image are of age of consent, and follow deviantArt guidelines. Other limitations may apply in which I will contact the deviant.

:new: 7. Screen shots are NOT allowed! I keep getting a lot of these... the ONLY way I would allow screen shots if they were used in a MEME and then it would still be subjective as how it was used OR as a desktop that you would use as a wallpaper.

*italics means have had problems with past deviations, PLEASE follow this step!

-News- 6.18.17: Updates on contests and themes

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 18, 2017, 11:07 AM

Welcome to the News Journal! - Here you shall find all the things that have been going on, if you're even interested. It's more so I will know what I've been doing ^^;

- If you WANT to comment in this journal then you're more than welcome :D it's so long because I leave the older updates, the top one is the most recent!

- This reads from newest to oldest


:new: 6/18/17 Hi all- I tried updating last weekend and lost my post :cries: I somehow hit the back button and lost everything so didn't get to update... I was going to have a theme for this month but as June is past the halfway mark, I'll just host one the first day of July :nod: as far as contests go- I'll probably host the summer contest from now until the end of July :nod: I'll have to think up some good prizes :plotting: That's all for this update! Thanks for reading! :)

--- Past Updates ---

5/10/17 Hey everyone- I've noticed lately people are putting their work into the wrong folders, and normally I wouldn't care because I can fix it but they are putting them into the folders that get automatically accepted (like the contest folder) and that folder auto accepts for ease of the contest and these deviations were not for any contests I've hosted :B so, please don't do this just to get work accepted :please: I'm working hard to fix the folders and to accept work as soon as I see it, so please be patient! :heart: Remember, if you don't know where something goes, just submit it to the Featured folder and I will sort it into the correct folder! :thumbsup: if I see any work get submitted to incorrect folders just so it can get accepted, I automatically delete those- remember, it's only me updating right now! I've started being more active again, just give me some time and your work will get put through! :nod:

4/30/17 Hello again! I'm trying to update more >3< last update I mentioned that my pregnancy slowed down updates and then taking care of my baby boy- and how I wasn't sure what to do with the group because of low contest entries- so do we want a new contest? What would make you enter a contest? I'm not sure if it's because I don't give enough time, not interesting prizes or if people just don't have the time... so let me know! Also, folders are still out of order- keep submitting to Featured unless you get another option that works for whatever you want to submit x3 I will do my best to sort that out- thanks! :heart:

4/21/17 :ninja: soooo hi... I thought I had updated here at least once this year 0.o; apparently not- idk why, it is most unlike me... reading the December update though, perhaps I was feeling not much was happening with the group? Anyways- to those who may or may not know (depends if you watch my page and read past updates here) I was pregnant and now have a beautiful baby boy :3 he decided to come 2 weeks early last month so the past month into this month was tricky to update and because he came early I was unable to pick someone to help me update ^^; if you tried submitting anything and it wasn't accepted, please send it in again! I will do my best to update and will be looking into getting some members to help me with the group :nod: I do apologize for my lack of updates most sincerely- thanks to those again for sticking by here and welcome to the new members!

12/26/16 Hi all! I apologize again for my lack of updates- this past weekend I've been sick (still am) but I honestly can't say what I've been doing since last update for the little to no updates :( I'm supremely worried that I'm just losing interest using this website because there has been so little feedback wherever I go on here... over this past year I have seen little participation in the group (and whether that is because of me or because of less people using the website in general I don't know) so give me a comment, what you think I can do to improve and liven up the community here again :nod: I want to try making this a more active community :) only a handful of people said they would contribute to a winter holiday contest but I never officially started page for it- please let me know if you still want to take part! Thanks! :hug:

11/24/16 Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate! :D I do apologize for the lack of updates ^^; I did ask a few members to help me with the group but haven't been online much at all, I've been non-stop busy with a variety of real life stuff :| with the 4 day weekend though, I'm going to get together (hopefully in a chatroom) to discuss what they can help me with- the gallery needs the most help but I will be needing help with contests as well...
:pointr: I'm sorry we didn't have a Halloween contest this year, I did start a poll asking if people wanted one but not many people really got back to me... they responded yes to wanting one but I don't think I ever received any art/stories/etc. :B so, if you did happen to draw a digimon-related Halloween drawing, let me know! I can still award you some points :3 last year I had tried doing a Secret Santa for the winter-theme contest but no one really participated so if we want to have a winter contest this year it will be the normal type XDD That's all for now! Thanks for reading! :heart:

:new: 10/2/16 Hi everyone! So, besides going through hard times, I've also had a good thing happen :3 I'm pregnant! So, I've been even more tired than usual XD;;; and this means I am definitely going to be getting that extra help for the group since I will be needing it even more lol I'm very sorry again that updates have been so lacking here- I totally forgot to send new notes to the people who volunteered to help me in the past and see if they are still free :nod: I'm going to start a poll to see what people want for contests, if any x3; and I'll have to check if I ever ended/sent anything to the previous contestees >.>;;; Thanks for reading! :)

8/31/16 Hi all! My apologies for the lack of updates :( I've been going through a difficult time the past couple months- this one has been especially rough :'c I wanted to let everyone know that this group officially turned 11 years old on August 19th!! :party: I feel bad I forgot about it completely ^^; but at least I'm remembering only a week and a half later XD;;; so with that being said- I'm going to be needing help with the group! Several months ago I sent notes to 2-3 people but never got around to officially getting said help (I think I had been waiting on the last person to get back to me??) in any case if any of those people would like to help me, let me know here or through note :nod: I'm going to set up a chatroom for us to talk because sending notes back and forth get lost for me (I have so many) and it would be good to talk to my assistants all at the same time x3; I really hope this will help the group start turning back to it's former glory, so to speak ;p looks like I never set up the poll for the contest, so I'll do that as well :nod: Thanks for your patience and thanks for reading! :heart:

8/1/16 Hey digimon, hey digimon, ultimate friends to the boys and girls! The American dub song :B you guys~ it's August 1st! It's the anniversary of when the kids first went into the digital world! :dummy: yaaaaah! so that happened August 1st 1999! So, it's been 17 years! :omg: :ohnoes: Feel free to submit artwork here:… This is the only folder I have that is open where work is automatically accepted- it MUST have been done for the anniversary though :B I watch it carefully~ here is my artwork:
Digimon 17th Anniversary by Lady-RyuuXX87 I'll add it in that folder when I edit and color~ but you can add your dedication in if it's only a sketch- just try not to spam ;p like, if you're going to finish it same day or next day, just submit the completed image :nod: Happy Odaiba Day! ^O^

7/19/16 Hi everyone! I don't check the front page often enough so I just noticed this from Ability-King-KK Apparently on May 17, 2016 Yuko Mizutani, Japanese voice actress of Sora Takenouchi, passed away due to breast cancer! Sooooo sad :< I didn't follow her work much, I only heard her in Digimon and Weiss Kreuz but poor Mizutani-san! Feel free to send in some tribute art and/or journals, memes, etc.

7/12/16 Hi everyone! I'm sorry for my lack of updates! I was busy for several weeks working on art for a festival and then I've been trying to find a job sooo needed to focus on that ^^; I will be updating on the contest briefly and I wanted to remind everyone so that it doesn't sneak up on me- in 3 weeks, it will be the digimon anniversary! While I don't host contests for that, I do take special deviations specifically for the anniversary and showcase them :nod: Thanks to all for being patient with me! :heart:

6/16/16 Hi everyone! I'm sorry for my lack of updates! Even though I am unemployed I've been working hard on artwork for this festival I'll be in a couple weeks! SO I've been sorta not on dA as much.... but! I'm *finally* going to be assigning some helpers to the gallery to get fixed up (only took forever) I asked 3 people and 1 of them never got back to me (which other 2 people, this is why!) I tried being fair and waiting but I think 2 helpers will be enough to start with... also! I've made a new poll to decide on what we should do for a new contest... I may have a double contest :plotting: I also finally announced the winners to the Valentines-White day contest! My apologies on that delay! I'll be updating the gallery very very soon! :) Thanks to all for being patient with me! :heart:

4/27/16 Hi everyone! I'm sorry for my lack of updates! Even though I am unemployed I've been working hard to *find* a new job lol but I'll spare you the details XD I'm *finally* going to be assigning some helpers to the gallery to get fixed up (only took forever) AND I think I haven't decided who the winner will be in the Valentines-White Day contest so I'll be doing that later today as well as starting a poll to pick a new contest! :thumbsup: Thanks to all for being patient with me! :heart:

:new: 4/14/16 Thanks to one of my watchers, I found out that you can watch digimon tri online for free over at crunchyroll! Here's the first episode:… You can change it from SD to 1040 or whatever the setting is (I think) the higher resolution might only be for the paid members because I had free membership for 14 days and was able to watch it in high res but then cancelled it and had trouble watching that... you can still watch for free but I dunno about the resolution :nod: they're up to 8 episodes now, and they're so good! In my opinion of course~ Enjoy!

4/8/16 Hey everyone! For digimon fans of the original Japanese version- the Japanese version of the opening called Butterfly, sung by Kouji Wada has passed away from cancer! I was so sad to hear about this ;.; I really enjoyed his singing- he did a song for season 4 too I believe... oh he did one for almost all seasons... here's an article I found on it:… if anyone wants to do an 'in memoriam' with art, songs, or other media, then let me know! I'll set up a folder or journal :nod: I'll be updating on the contest shortly.

1/18/16 Hey guys, some bad news... I just realized today is the final day the group is a super group :( I'm not sure how this will affect the group once I no longer have the super features... I might lose a lot of custom content and sub folders ;.; I'm hoping it won't look too bad because I don't have the money to renew it ^^; I'm waiting to hear back from a job today- if I get it I think I have enough to renew it but I really don't know >.< I might start the Valentines contest today (I said Wednesday in another journal but that was before I realized all my cool content might be gone) just so it will still look nice XD; guess I'll see what happens! Just wanted to let you guys know~ you should have no problems still submitting to Featured but this will mess up my plans with the other folders -.-;;;

12/29/15 Hello everyone! I'm sorry the folders have been messed up for so long, I've slowly been working on getting some help since I'm the only person who runs the group x3 I just can't do it alone and I've tried but the older I get, the less time I have :rofl: it's not because I don't love the group... so hopefully in January I'll start that- I'm going to assign folders to a few helpers I got and then go from there :nod: so please please please continue submitting to Featured until those updates are made! :please: I found a few deviations in the wrong folders which I had to remove completely as they were put in the wrong folder that had nothing to do with that folder- the only folder that should allow you to automatically submit to is the contests/wishlist folder! Everything else MUST be approved by me! Thanks! :heart:

11/25/15: Just giving everyone a head's up- I know most of us are excited for Tri, but please don't leave any spoilers around! I already stumbled upon 1 scene and I was a little grumpy about it because I have yet had the time to watch it ;.; I will accept Tri art but if it somehow spoils the plot, I will likely either not accept it right away OR I will request you to put SPOILER in the deviation itself, please! :please: I'm not made of time anymore ;.; I do what I can and I am still excited and I'm sure others may echo my thoughts on this ^^; as far as contests and other updates go, I've slowly been working on getting a few helpers for the group, I have contacted these people and I'm sorry I've taken so long to get back to you! DX I will do the best I can to get back to you this weekend (November 28th or 29th) regarding submissions and other things to help the group run more smoothly :peace: thanks so much everyone! :heart:

11/13/15: so, still been sorting through personal life stuff, so forgive the lack of updates- speaking of which, I've noticed in the past couple years and especially this year that participation in contests are low... I do still get submissions into the gallery which is great, thanks but I just wanted to know what I can do to up the group participation :) this is probably one of the most active digimon groups out there and I want to keep it alive- so what can I do? What would you like to see this group do? I'm open to all suggestions! :D and speaking of contests, I still have to work on the Halloween one and think about opening the winter contest :nod: thank you! and thanks for all your patience, I'm still looking into volunteers to help me manage the group >3< in the meanwhile- I've got to also check out any updates on Tri! The first release is November 21st! :la:

9/30/15: hi again, sorry for all the journal spam! I'm still going through a lot in my personal life keeping me from updates here so please forgive me! >.< I was given a link to a trailer but I'm going to just link you to the journal:… just because my computer is horrible with videos! and because there are quite a few! so click there and then the links should open up when you hit play! thanks to kyubifan for those! :D I can't wait to watch them! :la:

8/2/15: hey everyone, I'm still going through a lot with my life right now keeping me from updates :shakefist: again, my apologies! I was even going to make an update last week so I wouldn't be late! >.< bah! Anyways, yesterday August 1st 2015 was Odaiba Day! it's a common name to mark the anniversary of digimon, when the kids first traveled to the digital world :nod: this would be anniversary/year 16! I feel old ;p I remember I didn't get into digimon right away but I was still young enough to catch the last few episodes of season 1 airing for the first time on tv XD;;; of course, they did air here later than in Japan but still! So, this month I hope to update a lot more to celebrate the love of my favorite show ;3 also, on August 19th, the group will turn 11 years old! Even though I haven't been maintaining it as well as in the past, that's still a big deal because  I still give this group more love than my other 2 (one of which I closed and the other is even less active- oops!) so please stay tuned for updates! AND PLEASE SUBMIT ANY ODAIBA ART TO THIS FOLDER! ->… <- It's one of the few folders I let automatically accept art but ONLY if it's related to the anniversary! If I find other art in there not anniversary related I will remove it. Ok that's all for now! Thanks for reading! :)

6/29/15: oh man, totally didn't notice that it's been so long since my last update D: Well, this is a somewhat important update >.>; to let all those know who don't follow my personal account- the past 2 months (technically more of last month) has been SUPER busy for me- I had a crazy work schedule that basically only allowed me to eat, sleep and work :/ so obviously the group took a huge hit, my sincere apologies! I'm going through submissions now so please forgive the spamming! If you submitted something and it expired, please resubmit it! :please: I will now have more time for updating because I reduced my work hours! so, I'll also (finally) be getting around to the contests and then if I have time today, work on folders but I probably won't ;.; but we'll see- please stay tuned~ thanks! :heart:

5/7/15: thanks to Rika24 for this website which has the trailer for Tri!… according to the buzz, release date doesn't seem to be until November :(

5/1/15: hey everyone! there is a new poster up on wiki… and the release date or schedule/more info should be up May 6th for us to know more :la: I'm sorry for lack of updates, I'm working slowly on things but hope soon will have enough time to get it all done :D stay tuned! and please vote in the Valentines-White day contest! :please:

4/3/15: Ah- I thought I had made a March update, I guess not... so if people even read these updates for the group, they should know I've been busy, I don't like discussing in the group what has been going on with my personal life but you could always stop by my page to know more on that as I've shared some of it there- but to share at least 1 thing, I was moving in the month of March, hence my absence from being here, I just didn't have much time to update >.< I'm getting to as many things as I can now, I don't know if I will approve everything that is pending or at least more than my usual amount I approve, I might do that so sorry if you get about 50 or more things :lol: please be patient :heart: thank you!

2/25/15: Hey everyone~ I've been SUPER busy, my apologies for the lack of updates- so, I'll probably be opening up some of the folders soon, I've been slacking off on even updating them so not really sure how to fix this, I don't seem to have the time but I wanted to move everything into season folders instead and keep some other folders like photos and fan-stuff as folders but idk -sigh- also, the Valentines-White Day contest is still open!! PLEASE ENTER! I will cancel it if I don't get AT LEAST 2 more entries :please: details here:… thanks for reading! :heart:

1/24/15: Hi everyone~ been a while since I've made an update ^^; life gets in the way, you know how it is x3 so! I still have been being very lazy about editing the gallery folders -sigh- it's a large job, I keep putting it off... so keep submitting work to Featured (though the fiction folder, photography folder and a few others are active too) and hopefully I can set some time aside every week to fix those :fingerscrossed: I'll be starting the annual Valentines/White day contest tomorrow though there will be a special twist on that so keep on the look out! :D and finally, digimon tri is coming this spring! the website is still releasing information via eggs here: I think they are anyways, it crashes my computer sometimes ^^; ok! so that's all for now :) thanks for reading~

12/14/14: Ok, be prepared everyone- THE OFFICIAL NAME AND POSTER HAVE BEEN RELEASED! The style is so different... Introducing Digimon Adventure Tri:… also, keep clicking the eggs to get more info! I personally don't know how I feel about the new style... just because they're older doesn't mean they have to look different :c unless they couldn't get the same artist? idk... anyways, I'm still excited :la: it's only the main 8 kids but don't get discouraged, I'm sure the 02 cast will pop up at some point :nod: I'm sorry I've been somewhat inactive... life gets in the way x.x that's all for now but I'll likely be working on some things for later ^O^

11/25/14: As a reminder, I have open a special theme for points here:… design a uniform and/or casual outfit for what you think the cast will wear in season 7 and win some points! :D this theme will end when the real outfits are revealed through the website... speaking of which, new eggs, YES EGGS, are up! and to remind everyone- most folders are closed as I'd been attempting to move things- kinda gave up on that for a while but I'll try and start up again so I can finally open certain folders ^^; once Thanksgiving is over, I'll be starting the winter contest :peace: that's all for now! :)

11/8/14: If you haven't seen by now:… "we can meet again" the original 8 chosen children's silhouettes!! :la: looks to me like Joe, TK, Kari, Tai, Matt, Sora, Izzy and Mimi :3 if anyone is still interested, try to design some outfits for them! x3 challenge for that here:… I still need to pick a winner for the Halloween contest, I can't decide so I'll probably use one of those randomizer sites ;.; that's all for now~

10/21/14: Soooo by now I'm sure most of you have seen the silhouette of 17 year old Tai from the cracked egg and if not, see here:… AND NOW they have also added Kari's silhouette here:… images courtesy of RW09 ;) so my thoughts are, wouldn't it be fun to try and design their school uniforms and/or outfits?? :D I'm thinking about hosting a month challenge or maybe even a new contest :plotting: because, I'm not too sure when they will reveal the real designs... what do you guys think? Want to try designing some uniforms/outfits for the kids as they are older? I know some of you probably already have :D hehe and remember, there is another egg we must crack! that's all for now! thanks for reading! :heart:

9/21/14: GUYS! There is another digimon egg up on that we have to click on to make hatch! I *think* it might be Tsunomon but not sure... this should give us more information if they are going to do it for all the kids! :la: In other news, I've had a lot of stuff going on in my life so please excuse my lack of updates- trying to get back on track... later today I think I'll be able to set up the Halloween contest x3

9/6/14: THE EGG IS CRACKING!! WE FINALLY BEAT SUKAMON! Go here: click on the egg and it will rub it and once we get 8,000 more clicks (I think?) the information about the new season will be revealed! AHHHHHHHHHH! :la: let's kick it up! :dummy: in other news, I'll be starting up the Halloween contest soon and possibly starting a theme challenge again :nod:

8/19/14: Hey again! Today is the 14th anniversary of season 2!! It is also the 9TH birthday for this group!! YEAH! I started this group (at the time club) 9 years ago today! :la: wow... thanks to ALL who have joined and stayed with me! I know I've had some lazy streaks! My apologies! But I still am more active in this group than my other 2... heh heh Things to be on the lookout for coming up-  perhaps some summer and/or fall themes/challenges and others, the Digimon Odaiba Day/August Appreciation month points-give-away? and the Halloween contest will likely open in the first or second week of September! :D

8/9/14: Hey everyone! If we click on this link and the egg hatches, supposedly it will reveal more digimon information for the new series! :la: courtesy from adventure-heart :nod: also, I'm thinking about putting all the Anniversary/Odaiba Day pieces in for a raffle to win some points, what do you guys think? :3

8/1/14: Guys, for one, HAPPY ODAIBA MEMORIAL DAY! It is the 15th anniversary of digimon and I found this on Facebook… I HOPE TO HECK IT IS TRUE! DIGIMON IS GETTING A SEQUEL FOR THE 01/02 CAST! Taichi will be 17!! the video doesn't show anything but there is a photo of some of the Japanese cast so so so... I guess we'll see! x3 keep submitting anniversary pics here -->… <-- :heart:

7/25/14: In 2 days is the anniversary for season 1 of digimon :la: and August 19th is the anniversary for season 2 AND this groups TENTH birthday!! :la: I'm working on my dedication ^O^ if you're working on a dedication for the anniversary, you can submit it here:… where it will be automatically accepted! As long as it truly represents the anniversary in some way :nod: any works submitted there not related will be removed and placed elsewhere in the gallery ;p we're going digital! yea! you run around, I run around... HAPPY DIGIMON ANNIVERSARY! :love: (almost) x3

7/25/14: In 1 week from today it will be August 1st, the anniversary of the first series of digimon :D at least, in America it was aired here at that time and also the first day the season 1 cast went into the digital world :nod: I tend to celebrate all of August for more digimon fan works because season 2 also was released 19th of August- which by total accident (and what a thrill to me 'cuz I actually am just checking this now like a derp) WAS THE FIRST DAY I CREATED THIS GROUP~ :la: :dummy: I knew I had created the group in August but hadn't checked its birthday with season 2... wow... what are the odds?! XDD anyways- I have a folder in the group that automatically accepts August 1st and/or Anniversary deviations called "August 1st - Digimon Anniversary ONLY" so please feel free to submit away! :D :dummy: though please try and make it related to the anniversary or put it in the description and/or deviation itself because if any other digimon work is put there I will remove it... as it should belong in another part of the gallery ;) I might even award some lucky people with points if I really enjoy their dedication :trophy: HAPPY DIGIMON ANNIVERSARY! :love: :heart:

7/9/14: oops, had a journal a few days ago but forgot to edit the date in the title ^^; sorry I've been so busy, work makes me tired D: if anyone is interested, I have open some free requests… they can be digimon or anything else I mention in there x3 and to  remind people if they would like other requests, trades and commissions, go here:… it has a wide variety of artists who are also open ;) and finally, to remind everyone, there is a summer contest, info found here:… ok that's all for now :) thanks for reading! :heart:

7/6/14: Long time no official update news wise- not too much has been happening, just accepting deviations when they come in- to remind everyone, I've been being lazy and not working on the folders so I'm going to have to get back on that, I'm moving everything into the Seasons Folders from almost every other folder- I think I might re-open a few of them that multiple seasons can go to like fiction and the figures and such, I'll see what I can do :B and to remind everyone, there is a summer contest, info found here:… ok that's all for now :) thanks for reading! :heart:

3/21/14: After months of trying to make a new icon (no seriously, been working on it since September) I have finally made an icon with all 6 seasons :la: dA really sucks when it comes to file sizes x.x the icon can only be 30kb and I had wanted to be all fancy and have the icons glide by or zoom in to see better detail but NO it was like over 100 kb for that so I finally settled on making it like my previous icon except with new pictures, season 6 finally the poor thing and the phrase section :B I even had to reduce the colors- it was originally like 200+ colors and then I had to reduce it to like 150 or something x.x

 oi... so, hope you guys like it ;.; in other news- I still have not finished moving all the folders around yet, my apologies- I kinda stopped for a while, it's VERY time consuming!! I'm going to try and get maybe a folder done per week and see if that works :fingerscrossed: and please remember to vote!! Only today and tomorrow basically... here's the link:… so, that's all! thanks for reading :)

12/7/13: Hello everyone :) sorry for my lack of updates- been a little busy and lazy (horrible combination) the folders are still in need of much work so please continue submitting to Featured until I can sort those out :nod: the winter contest is OPEN and can be found here:… I've still got old prizes to give out to previous contests but will hopefully have those done by the end of the winter contest which is at the end of January :nod: that's all for now, thanks for being so patient with me! :heart:

11/17/13: Gahh I've been so busy/tired to post a news update :( sorry! To remind some people of a few things- the gallery is still only open to a few folders right now, it's taking me much longer moving things than I thought x.x hopefully I will have a few open soon, in the meanwhile just keep submitting to Featured and I'll move them to different folders :thumbsup: I had such a problem creating a new group icon! It was too large, but hopefully I'll have a new one before this year ends >.> maybe if I give myself a bigger time gap it will help speed me up >.>;;;

I'm also thinking of re-opening the Themes but instead of having them weekly, maybe keep them open until there are at least 3 deviations... a week for some people seems too short and even though you can still submit to them, no one seems to do that after I close it for points- they remain open but not for points... so I'll see how that works :nod: And finally, as a reminder- I do have submission guidelines on the front page, please read them before submitting work! I denied some work, I'm going to start putting "in violation of rule" whatever rule, you can always check there or with me if you're not sure if a deviation will be accepted!

I suppose this is a reminder too maybe, the contest winners will be announced in the contest journal briefly :nod: Thanks for reading! And remember the 6th season of digimon is now airing in America on Saturday mornings :thumbsup:

9/29/13: Well, the folders were to supposed to re-open Monday :( I've spent most of the week moving artwork into the new folders, thus why they are still closed because I'm not done yet DX I may re-open a few folders though because I think for fiction and other writing media I'll keep that folder but I'm deleting other folders and re-making things so it's taking longer than originally planned- just keep your eyes on the lookout and I'll be moving anything from folders into their new correct ones too :nod: also, I'm sure many of you noticed this icon still says seasons 1-5... even though I've accepted season 6 as soon as it was released in Japan XD;;; I'm making a new one and trying to change it a little bit so it's taking me longer but be on the lookout for that :la: thanks for reading! :aww:

:9/22/13: Oh, so the 6th season of digimon known in Japan as Digimon Xros Wars (Cross Wars) has finally been dubbed and released in America =p they're calling it Digimon Fusion :nod: I heard it was on Nickelodeon but haven't been able to find it myself :/ it's supposedly also on Youtube, Netflix and a website called and in other news, the folders will likely be opened this week slowly... perhaps by season :plotting: I was sucked into playing video games :paranoid: :innocent: ok that's all for now :) thanks for reading~

9/19/13: well as I stated before, I've just returned from being out of the country for almost 3 months and I had started a project- updating the folders in the gallery ^^; now that I'm back I can finally finish updating those folders!! I always lost power or had limited internet there... tomorrow and this weekend I'll devote to slowly opening the new folders :nod: I'm actually trying to get rid of the old folders by moving everything into the new ones :faint: big project for myself... if possible I'll try and have them all done by September 23rd but it could take longer or shorter but yay, you'll have full access to every folder again- with my approval, in case anyone was wondering why I approve before accepting it's 2 reasons 1. sometimes I don't even get digimon related drawings (no, really!!) and 2. I get SO many that I don't want to spam everyone daily :nod: ok, that is all for now! thanks for reading ^O^

9/12/13: I've returned to America! I was out of the country for almost 3 months XD; so the group suffered a bit- I had limited internet access- I'll be going through the gallery accepting work and fixing the folders, so soon I should have up the new folders and you can then submit to those, yay! :la: And a reminder about the contest:… that is all for now :)

8/17/13: I found this via MitzvahRose's page- on tumblr, it's a digimon 30 day challenge... some are pretty easy, I think you could draw, use screen caps or just write the answers, up to you! I consider all of August to be a real dedication to digimon, besides Odaiba Memorial on August 1st... just more love for the digimon ;) here is the link to the challenge:… enjoy~ (new contest coming soon!)

8/3/13: I can't believe I forgot to update on this!! To those who know and perhaps those who don't- August 1st is the Odaiba Memorial, the anniversary of when the 01 digidestined kids went to the digital world and is technically considered the anniversary to celebrate our love for all things digimon ;p and when it turned August 1st, all I thought was- wow, it's already August! lol and then I was getting submissions for the anniversary and I was like craaaaap! So, technically I like to celebrate the entire month of August with more digimon love :D I'm still overseas so internet here is sloooow DX thus why I haven't updated as often, I really need to start that poll >.>;;; Anyways! If you have any deviations specifically for this occassion, please submit them here:… I will move any that have been submitted to Feature to that folder ;3 thanks~

Reminder on 31st about this update 7/24/13: Hello everyone! I'm still overseas, so the folders are only open for Featured and the Contest folder because the internet access here is limited and I would work on them more but might have to do that when I get home ^^; I'm trying to make things easier to submit, so hopefully soon everything will be looking nicer :nod: and I'll be setting up the poll to vote shortly, I need to make sure I got all the entries in before submitting the poll ;3 OH! And also, when I return, I'll finally be able to change the group icon to have all 6 seasons XDD that's all for now! :peace:

6/23/13: Hello everyone! Everything in my queue has been submitted to folders, so from NOW until July 22nd or so, PLEASE SUBMIT EVERYTHING TO THE FEATURED FOLDER!!! I will be working on new folders to make things a little easier... once the folders are working I'll make a new update as for what and where things will be submitted :peace: I will move everything into the new folders :nod: And reminder about the contest -->… thanks! :love:

6/21/13: Hello everyone! Over the course of the summer I will be fixing up the folders within the gallery... a lot of the time I leave things where they are unless an error occurs when someone submits something :B I'm hoping to make things more clear soon :fingerscrossed:  SO PLEASE SUBMIT EVERYTHING TO THE FEATURED FOLDER! (for the time being- at least June 21st-July 21st) I will move them into the new folders :nod: And reminder about the contest -->… thanks! :love:

5/30/13: Hello everyone! I've updated all but 2 things into the gallery- I'd like to remind everyone AGAIN that I DO NOT accept original characters in deviations UNLESS a character from the show/game is *also* in it as well! I have this listed on the front page but I'll be updating a journal soon with more specific instructions again :B I have nothing against originality but since this group was 1 of the very first founded digimon groups on here, I like to keep it more focused on existing characters :blushes: And reminder about the contest -->… thanks! :love:

5/4/13: Hello again, tomorrow I'll be announcing the new contest so PLEASE VOTE if you will be participating!! If you don't think you have the time for a contest, you can either not vote or click on the option that you're too busy XDD poll found here:… thanks!

5/2/13: Hello digi fans! Is anyone a fan of Piedmon? The group :iconpiedmonfc: is looking for a new FOUNDER! So if you're a big fan of this guy and have time to run a group, head on over there to see how to apply ;) Also, at the end of March I started a poll asking for contest suggestions... I was supposed to start another poll with those choices to then pick from but somehow forgot x.x SO! I will have a 3 day poll with those choices and declare sometime on the 5th Eastern Daylight Time! Thank you!

3/29/13: So! Now that I've taken care of personal crisis... what do you all say to a contest?? I have no idea what to have a contest on since Easter is like tomorrow and summer is still a bit down the road... so I'm going to leave it up to you guys! Send in suggestions through the poll I'll start (or note or comment, somewhere where I will see it) and I'll put YOUR suggestions up for a voting poll and see if your fellow digi-members would also like to do your contest suggestion ;) And- I've accepted all submissions so I'd just like to remind new and older members that I DO NOT accept original characters unless an OFFICIAL character (from the series) is also in the deviation, ok? It's a rule I have- I have nothing against original characters but this group was created for the characters on the show, sorry, I'm sticking to this :B

That's all for this update! Vote here -->… <--  for contest ideas~ you have to leave your suggestion and then I'll put your suggestions in a new poll :peace:

3/9/13: sorry again for the lack of updates :( I've had a lot going on lately... I'll try again to get back to updating every other day ^^; I'll post something if I think I won't be able to so... :fingerscrossed: I've accepted almost every deviation- still have a few I'm mulling over to accept and trying not to upload too many at once also but everything should be accepted within the next couple days :peace: I'm also going to re-vamp the Gallery Folders descriptions and the gallery itself! Hoping to make things easier to submit to places and such :nod: as far as contests go, I still need to make a poll for that... the mini themes are on hiatus, I've run out of ideas and points at the moment ^^; hopefully can set them up again real soon :nod: alright, so thanks again for all your patience :thanks:

2/25/13: hey everyone, my apologies for the lack of updates x.x; not entirely sure where my head has been but apparently not here ;p I've got some deviations to approve and might start a new contest, I have no idea on what though ^^; I'll start a poll if I can't think of anything, though maybe I should anyways... we'll see XD thanks for your patience :heart:

1/20/13: Soooooo not many entered the winter contest, sad times :( oh well, I awarded those who entered some points because it was easier :XD: it's harder for me when I have many choices which is why I tend to do group voting ;) plus the fans opinions matter too :3 going to be starting the annual Valentines/White Day contest too, perhaps if I start it now it will get some more entries :plotting: I've got to go through all the deviations again ^^; and just updated the themes so that is all for now~ thanks!

12/30/12: This will likely be my last post of 2012 :omfg: time sure is flying... anyways, to remind everyone about the winter contest, please go here:… and I'm pleased to say, as of now anyways, I've cleared out all deviations! A couple I'm debating on whether to except... gotta check my own rules sometimes x3 and finally, the themes page has also been updated so check it out if interested :D… thanks for reading~

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